Links and Earth Images


Gaia Theory Wikipedia Page | The Guardian: Article on Gaia Theory

Gaia Hypothesis – article on the website “Environment and Ecology”



The classic “Earthrise” (Apollo 8, December 1968), first time humans saw Earth against the void context of space: View Here

“Black Marble” Earth at night, good for quickly discerning how urban parts of the world are: View Here

Original “Blue Marble” (Apollo 17, 1972): View Here

“Pale Blue Dot” (Voyager 1, 1990). Carl Sagan wanted a picture of a tiny Earth awash in a sea of stars. This image is subtle in its beauty, but Sagan’s romantic musings it inspired make it great: View Here

A series of beautiful NASA shots of Earth:  View Here

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean south of Japan as seen from the ISS: View Here

40 pages of NASA Earth photos: View Here

NOAA Data Sets – imagery and videos of a wide variety of Earth systems: View Here